Nyerere National Park



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Nyerere National Park is a recently established national park located in Tanzania. It was formerly part of the larger Selous Game Reserve and was officially designated as a national park in 2019. The park is named after Julius Kambarage Nyerere, who was the first president of Tanzania and played a crucial role in the country’s history

30,000 square kilometers

The Magnificent
Rufiji River

Rich variety of

Diverse array of safari activities


Location: Nyerere National Park is situated in southern Tanzania, covering an expansive area of over 30,000 square kilometers.

Ecological Importance: The park is renowned for its ecological significance and relatively untouched natural processes. It encompasses a diverse range of habitats, including wetlands, woodlands, grasslands, and the iconic Rufiji River.

Wildlife: The park boasts a rich variety of wildlife, including substantial populations of elephants, buffalos, lions, hippos, crocodiles, and a range of bird species. It’s also recognized as one of the last strongholds for the endangered African wild dogs.

Rufiji River: The Rufiji River is a prominent feature of the park, flowing through its landscapes. It supports a remarkable concentration of wildlife and offers opportunities for boating safaris and wildlife observation along its shores.

Safari Activities: Nyerere National Park offers a diverse array of safari activities for visitors. These include traditional game drives, boat safaris along the Rufiji River, walking safaris to explore the park on foot, and fly camping trips for a more immersive experience in the wilderness.

Conservation: The establishment of Nyerere National Park aimed to promote the conservation of the region’s unique ecosystems and wildlife, while also providing opportunities for sustainable tourism.

Tourism: The park’s relatively remote location and its commitment to preserving natural habitats contribute to a more exclusive and less crowded safari experience.

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